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Divorce Lawyer Plano Texas

Divorce Lawyer Plano Texas

Divorce is not just an end of a relationship rather it is complete destruction of hundreds of dreams and lots of hopes and expectations. In such grave times going through a legal process is another headache that the families have to go through. The first legal need of this procedure is hiring the best DFW divorce attorneys and firm who can represent you in the proceedings the best way.

Divorce Lawyer in Texas

Hargrave Family Law is one of the finest and experienced teams of Divorce Lawyer Plano Texas. We are always ready to serve you with our best Dallas Plano lawyers on your critical days. Our motive is to make this procedure as smooth for you as possible. We work on collaborative methods and use non-adversarial techniques to help you achieve your goals.

The divorce situation is different in every individual’s case but here are most of the frequently asked questions about divorce lawyers in Plano TX to address your concerns and give you an idea of what you are dealing with.

Q) Is it necessary to get a lawyer in the first place?

Getting a divorce is a critical legal proceeding and lawyers are someone who specializes in dealing with such cases on daily basis. Our divorce lawyer in Fort Worth will guide and counsel you as per your situation and helps you handle the situation professionally. This way you would be able to understand your lawful rights and act accordingly with extended peace of mind.

Q) What are the situations in which you can file for a divorce?

According to Texas family law, there are 7 situations in which one party can file for a divorce. Cruelty, adultery, a conviction of a felony, irreconcilable differences, abandonment, living apart for at least 3 years, and the confinement of a spouse in mental asylum for at least 3years.

Q) What will my lawyer do for me specifically?

A divorce lawyer works to gather all the required information related to the case and your spouse. He arranges the real estate bills, medical bills, tax returns, etc to keep their clients situation clear. There’s a lot of groundwork needed before appearing in the court other than just fighting and arguing for you in the court. They find legal alternatives when the situation doesn’t suit you.

Q) How much longer does it take for a divorce to be finalized once filed?

In Texas the petition is filed after 60 days. The divorce would be finalized, when it is pronounced in the court by the judge and the decree of divorce, is signed. Sometimes due to the complexity of the situation, cases might go longer than 6 months to be finalized especially when the parties cannot decide on the terms.

Q) Is there more than one way to resolve the matter of separation?

There are several ways to resolve your matter such as collaborative divorce process, private settlement negotiations, mediation, and traditional litigation. Hargrave Family Law believes in a collaborative approach and mediation. When the matter cannot be resolved through discussion then severe steps are taken.

Our experienced divorce attorney in Plano TX will navigate with your process to minimize your pain and stress as much a possible. Contact Hargrave Family the Law for a free divorce consultation. Phone:214-420-0100

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