Bail Bonds Denver County

Bail Bonds Denver County

Thank goodness most people don't have to stay locked up when they get arrested. Good to Go Bail Bonds provides fast and cheap bail bonds in Denver County. If you want to get your loved one out of jail, don't waste your time calling the endless list of bail bond agents in Denver, hoping and waiting for someone to pick up the phone or say yes. Just call Good to Go Bail Bonds, and you'll be good to go!

Good to Go Bail Bonds is easy to work with. We know these times are stressful for everyone involved. All of the uncertainty and worry that comes with an arrest can be overwhelming both to the person arrested and the ones who are trying to help them get out of jail. Although we can't erase all of your worries or problems, we can certainly help. Give us a call now.

Get Out Of Jail With Bail Bonds in Denver County

Whether a person is innocent or guilty is not for us to decide - the judges and juries do that. Good to Go Bail Bonds plays a very key role in the criminal justice system, helping the accused to secure their full rights and protections under the US constitution. Being incarcerated before being convicted is hardly constitutional, even when there is strong evidence and probable cause. Unfortunately, only those who can afford a cash bond or a surety bond will be able to experience freedom. Unless a person is released on their own recognizance, they will have to pay to get out.

Why People Use Bail Bonds in Denver County

When arrested or arraigned, the person will be given bail. This is the total amount that they must pay to get out of jail; it's called a cash bond. Since most people can't afford to pay a cash bond, they call a bail bond agent. That's what Good to Go Bail Bonds does - we provide affordable bail bonds in Denver County.

Unlike a cash bond, our clients don't have to pay the total amount of the bail to get out of jail. Instead, we assume the risk for the majority of the debt and ask that the client only comes up with usually between 10 - 15% of the total cash bond. So, if the cash bond was $25k, the client could call us, and they would probably only have to raise $2,500 - $3,750 to get their loved one out of jail.

Trust the Person You are Helping

Also, it is important that the person or people who are helping the arrested person get out of jail understand what's involved. Therefore, it is essential that people fully trust the person they are bailing out. When a client secures a bail bond with Good to Go Bail Bonds (or any other bail bond agent), they will be required to put up an asset that is equal to or greater than the total cost of the cash bond. This could be real estate, a vehicle, a boat, stocks, bonds, etc. This is required to serve is a protection for the bail bond agent. If the arrested person flees, then we will have to pay the remaining 90% of the cash bond that is outstanding, so we ask that the people bailing the arrested person out of jail put up something as an act of good faith that we will not be screwed over.

Bail Bonds Denver County
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Bail Bonds Denver County
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