Charleston Auto Accident Attorney

Charleston Auto Accident Attorney

The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, is a highly sought-after attorney office in Charleston for its unsurpassed track record. Frank Hartman has helped thousands of car accident victims in his 15 years of law career, making him a highly respected Charleston auto accident lawyer.

What is unique about Frank Hartman? 

Frank Hartman is one of the top-rated attorneys with an endless passion for his job. He relishes helping victims of automobile and truck accidents and derives a sense of fulfillment each time his clients recover compensation from their defendants. Frank Hartman possesses impeccable negotiation and trial skills, making him a highly sought-after attorney in South Carolina.

Frank has handled some of the most complex lawsuits in his 15-year career, which makes him an expert at tackling the common tricks played by insurance companies. Our attorney can relieve you from the stress of fighting for your compensation and help you receive a reasonable payout within a short duration with his skillfully crafted legal strategies.

Hiring an attorney vs. representing yourself 

Most people find it difficult to decide whether they should represent themselves or hire an attorney to fight their legal battles. While the cost is the primary factor preventing most car accident victims from hiring an attorney, you have to pay them only after recovering compensation from the at-fault parties. Here are some of the pros to hiring an auto accident injury lawyer vs. representing yourself:

Pros of working with an attorney

  • They improve your chances of recovering a hefty compensation for your injuries and losses.
  • They can assess the net worth of your claim keeping in mind all costs your injuries may inflict on your life in the future.
  • An attorney can assist you in filling up the complex paperwork and educate you on what to expect in your litigation.

Pros of representing yourself:

  • You get to keep 100% of your compensation if you recover a settlement or win an award.

You may recover a much higher compensation when you have an attorney representing you than what you receive with self-representation. Schedule a consultation with an attorney for more clarity on how the expert may be an asset to your case.

Can I handle a car accident claim on my own?

If you do not suffer serious injuries or significant property damage, you may talk to the insurance adjuster yourself and demand reasonable compensation from the at-fault party. Besides, if you feel comfortable investigating your accident, gathering necessary evidence, compiling treatment documents, and handling settlement negotiations, you do not have to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Alternatively, if you suffer significant injuries in a car accident, you must hire an experienced car accident lawyer to optimize your chances of recovering a favorable case outcome. If you get hurt in a car wreck, schedule a consultation with a skilled attorney at the earliest to assess your legal option.

Get in touch with us at 843-300-7600 to schedule an appointment with our Charleston auto accident lawyer. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC has helped numerous victims seek justice and their rightful compensation from the negligent parties. We can do the same for you. Contact us now to have the #1 attorney in Charleston handle your case.

Charleston Auto Accident Attorney

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