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Massage Sexual abuse

Massage sexual abuse

When you walk into a massage parlor, you are placing utmost trust in the masseuse and institution. The nature of massage spas is such that their clients are vulnerable to sexual assault. They lie face down, barely clothed, and alone with a stranger with a license to touch their body within reasonable limits. However, clients still patronize these businesses because their trust trumps their fear. When a masseuse violates this trust, the experience could be devastating for the clients.

If you have ever encountered any form of massage sexual abuse, you might be entitled to compensation in the civil courts. Our expert sexual abuse attorneys at Horowitz Law would be glad to help you evaluate your case and weigh your legal options.

When does touching become sexual assault?

Suing a masseuse or massage parlor for sexual assault could be tricky. Unlike most other professionals, massage therapists have the right to touch their clients’ bare bodies. However, the touch has to be within reasonable limits. Indiscriminate touching of a client’s private parts is unacceptable under any circumstance.

In fact, the therapist should not come within a few inches of your genitals and you should always be in control of what transpires during a massage session. Any deviation from this could be tantamount to sexual assault. The cases become more clear-cut when the massage therapist commits an act of penetration or forces clients into engaging in sexual acts without their consent.

If you suspect you have been subjected to massage sexual abuse, you should report to the police immediately. They may need to carry out some investigations in order to determine how your case will proceed. You also have the option of contacting experienced sexual assault attorneys at Horowitz Law to help you pursue a civil case.

What kind of damages are available in a civil lawsuit?

In a massage sexual abuse case, the course of a civil lawsuit does not depend on the outcome of the criminal prosecution. Even if the state deems the person not guilty, you can still be awarded some compensation by a civil court. The amount you’ll get as compensation would depend on the specifics of your case but the available damages are relatively the same in most cases. They include:

  • Past and future medical care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and psychological trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages intended to punish the defendant for intentional wrongdoing

We can help you prove your case

As mentioned earlier, a massage sexual abuse lawsuit could be tricky to handle. However, hiring experienced sexual assault lawyers puts you at an advantage. The sexual assault lawyers at Horowitz Law are skilled and experienced, and they can help you investigate and build your case. As long as you can prove that the perpetrator breached their duty of care and assaulted you sexually, you stand a good chance of being awarded some compensation.

Beyond the compensation, speaking out could facilitate your healing process.  Furthermore, you’ll be holding the perpetrator and enabling institution accountable and ensuring others do not come to harm at their hands. 

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