Personal Injury Attorney Santa Monica

Personal Injury Attorney Santa Monica

If someone's carelessness has caused you an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, many people who have strong personal injury cases never file a lawsuit. Often times, they don't even know that they have a case at all. Other times, people wonder if they have a good case or not. How do you know if you have a strong case to sue for compensation for an injury that was caused by someone else? Start by contacting a seasoned personal injury attorney in Santa Monica, such as the lawyers at Albert Abkarian and Associates

Big Injuries

While this may sound a little cynical, it's definitely true that the worse the injury is, the better the personal injury case is. These could be injuries that result in broken bones, surgeries, amputations, fractures, tears, and other kinds of injuries of a more severe nature. Severe injuries drive up the full value of a personal injury case.

A lot of people hear about big settlements and automatically assume they're going to get rich off of their injury. However, keep in mind that whenever you hear about huge awards being given, each case has one thing in common - the injury was terrible! Despite the money, you wouldn't want to be the person who got the money because they suffered horrendous injuries to get the huge award they were given.

Accident Caused the Injury

While this may sound obvious, insurance companies are great about finding obtaining a plaintiffs' medical background and learning of any prior injuries or health problems. You can expect that the insurance company will hotly contest your claim if they suspect that your injury or health problem resulted not from the accident itself but from a pre-existing condition. The more difficult it is to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident, the tougher your case will be to prove. Conversely, the easier it is to have a doctor link your injury to the accident, the higher the full value of a case will be.

Scars, stitches, fractures, head trauma, and other kinds of injuries like these are easy to link to an accident. Things like neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and these sorts of injuries can be much more difficult to prove.

Someone Else is at Fault

Again, this may sound like an obvious statement, but your case is worth zero without the fault belonging to someone else. We see this a lot with people who, for example, slip and fall in a business parking lot. Ask yourself, 'what did the person/business do wrong?' The same questions should apply in car accident cases or any other situation when you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit. Someone has to be at fault.

There is Insurance

All of the other factors of what makes a strong personal injury case are effectively useless if there's no money to pay for your injuries. If you were to take your case to trial and get a verdict, essentially what you have is a sheet of paper that gets filed with the courthouse. If there's no one to pay that verdict or judgment you get, you're not going to get paid anything anyway.


Personal Injury Attorney Santa Monica
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