Severance Lawyer Miami

Severance Lawyer Miami

Many states, including California, do not impose laws asking employers to offer severance packages. Sometimes, the employer must do so out of their own will and per the employment contract agreement.

Companies often offer this package to compensate you if a new job position does not go in your favor, and you are forced to find a new job. They will also offer it when they wish to end your working relationship without traditionally firing you.

Severance deals can be worth a lot of money, and employers can quickly back out at the last minute. Several clauses can complicate the severance package, and we have detailed essential reasons you must hire an attorney to get the proper provisions.

Reasons you need a severance lawyer in Miami

Get all your money

It would help if you got the severance package despite the conditions that led to your dismissal. Typically, employers will include the value of the package in the agreement, but some will leave it open because there is a possibility it may not have to be as high as detailed in the initial contract.

Experienced discrimination law firms have a solid idea of what you deserve and should be able to figure out a range well within your status in the company. Generally, employers will lowball you and then wait for you to negotiate so they can pay you slightly more, but still, less than you deserve.

Earn all your employee benefits

A severance agreement is not always about money – it may include health insurance, job placement, and relocation services. Employers do not always give out all these benefits because some will happen after receiving a concession to release them from the agreement.

The employment discrimination lawyer pursues all the benefits and uses the law to prove that the employer did not honor the agreement; hence the concession is dismissible. There are several ways of pursuing entitlements and claims, and we have enough experience to know which ones are the most relevant to your case.

Restrict negative agreements

We will often adhere to our human instincts and vent on social media and other platforms against the people who hurt us because we seek validation for our feelings. These comments can devastate both parties, and an attorney can help provide legal protection and limitations on such acts.

Any promise you make to the employer, and the one they make to you, will be binding in a court of law, not a casual handshake agreement. Our local age discrimination lawyer carves out information to help with your situation so that the other party is forced never to refer the matter in a light that could harm your future endeavors.
Improve confidentiality

Employers prefer that their former staff keep the severance package agreements private so as not to influence negotiations with other parties. The agreement requires that you fully cooperate with the terms and incur consequences if you go against the contract.

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Severance Lawyer Miami

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