Uber Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Uber Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Ride sharing services are becoming more and more popular. Traffic concerns, parking issues and many other factors make it easier and cost effective to take a ride share service. But what happens when you are a passenger in a ride-share vehicle when it gets into an accident? If you were hurt in the accident you may need to take legal action to get the compensation you are owed. An Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles will assist you with your case and help you get money for your injuries.

What to Do After an Uber Accident

If you are in an Uber crash the first thing to do is to contact the police. You should always call the police to report the accident and this is the best way to ensure that there is an official record of the incident. Obtain information about the driver and his insurance information. Generally, ride share companies have insurance to cover accidents that occur. However, the driver must also have insurance which is usually effective when he is off duty or does not have passengers in the car.

Take photos of the vehicles immediately following the accident. Get to a safe place away from traffic and wait for police. Do not leave the scene until you have provided a statement to law enforcement. At the very least you are a witness to the accident and may know what happened and which driver was at fault.

In some instances, the driver may not want to stop after an accident. Ride share services may take away driving privileges if a driver has accidents. While you can’t force the driver to stop or to call the police, you can request to get out of the vehicle immediately.

After an accident it is best to report it to Uber. The driver is required to report the accident, however, for obvious reasons he may fail to do so. Uber keeps records of your trip so they can verify the name of the driver at the time of the crash. Do not wait to contact Uber about the incident. Seek medical attention for your injuries and contact an experienced Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Do I Need an Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Uber accidents can be more complex than other types of accidents. The issues of liability and negligence are important and must be resolved. It is in your best interest to seek legal representation and guidance from an Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Your attorney will assist you in every aspect of your case including gathering evidence, locating the driver, working with Uber and the insurance company and more.

As a victim in an Uber accident you may need to undergo medical care and ongoing treatment. You might miss work due to your injuries. You may be entitled to money for all of the damages that you incurred due to the crash. These may include money for your medical bills and medications, compensation for time missed at work and money for pain and suffering. Contact a skilled Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss the details of your case.

Uber Accident Lawyer Los Angeles
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