International Law

International law is essentially the body of legal rules, accepted practices, and regulations through which organizations, countries, and people around the world interact with each other. It is divided into two main categories, namely, Public International Law and Private International Law. Public International Law focuses on dealings and relationships between countries/nations or between a nation and people or organizations from another country. Private International Law, on the other hand, concentrates on disputes between businesses or citizens from different countries. International Laws are dictated by international organizations, such as the European Union and United Nations and countries belonging to these institutions are bound by the laws set forth by their respective international governing bodies. Cases of International Law are decided upon by specific bodies and courts, such as the United Nations Security Council.

Our International Law Department at Albert Abkarian & Associates deals with different kinds of cases. Our associates have the expertise in:

  •    - preparation and review of international trade contracts
  •    - review of international real estate dealings and contracts
  •    - legal advice on international rules to resolve disputes
  •    - ICC arbitrations and mediations
  •    - agreements between agencies and intermediaries
  •    - review and preparation of commodities trade agreements
  •    - client representation and negotiations for international contracts