Real Estate Transactions

Real estate laws govern the transfer and ownership of real property and distinctions to these regulations are dependent on the legal jurisdiction of the property. Additionally, real estate laws address issues on property liens, leasing, as well as fair housing. These laws often have to do with ownership rights, which essentially give the owner of a property the right to bequeath, mortgage, sell, or build on a property. Real estate laws are likewise designed to protect the interests not only of property owners but tenants as well, provided that a proper written contract outlines all the conditions of the lease. Any violation of the lease can be subjected to different provisions of real estate laws. Other real estate laws are concerned with lenders and lien holders, foreclosures, and fair housing.

Real estate transactions can be complicated, especially to a person who doesn't have knowledge of these kinds of dealings. If you need help with your real estate transactions, allow our real estate lawyer to help you with your case. Our firm is experienced with and knowledgeable about all Federal, State, and City laws governing your sale/purchase of a commercial or personal property in areas such as San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange County.